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"I've worked with the adjump team now for over 6 years in numerous capacities. The effort and dedication put forth by their entire team has been top notch. These guys get the game and are excellent partners. I'm thrilled to be able to call them a partner."

- Ian Lerner, Director - Media.



Our Subscribers are price-conscious, style savvy consumers who are looking to stay in the know when it comes to saving money. They know that when they come to our blogs, they can expect only the best promotions, put on by real brands - we have made a commitment to them to only share offers that we would happily share with our friends and family.

Facebook Fans

Like it or not, Facebook has become a permanent fixture in our daily routines, especially for those who spend time online hunting for bargains. Facebook makes easy access to consumers a reality. With over 2 million Facebook Fans across our blogs, with a quick post we are in news feeds everywhere, giving campaigns the ability to go viral and reach friends of friends of friends of Fans!

Page Views

It is a testament to our bloggers and our content that users are not just taking a quick look at our blogs and leaving. Users get caught up in the loads of prizes, samples and coupons they can find by exploring our sites. We try to offer everything a bargain hunter could want - all the brands and all the promotions. It is not uncommon for a user to touch on 5-7 pages on each visit.

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